Summer of Hacks is an annual series of friendly, practical, & free events in Oxford organised by the local tech community.

Our 2019 events:


13th Jul

NodeSchool is a collection of workshops that help you learn JavaScript by writing code and solving challenges. The event is for everyone, whether you've never written a line of JavaScript before or you're a pro; NodeSchool has challenges and activities for all different levels.

All ages are welcome: it'd be awesome to have some younger hackers—say, aged 6+—bringing their smarts and enthusiasm.

Bring your laptop (and a charger), there'll be mentors and chances to pair with other attendees. You’ll need Node.js on your computer to get started, and if you have a chance to install it before the event you'll be able to get started straight away.

Here are the slides for the event.


17th Aug

This is a day of hacking on hardware. It's for anyone who is interested in learning about hardware. There are no minimum entry requirements other than an inquisitive mind.

If you've never touched a breadboard before, that's fine: we’re bringing some starter packs, complete with wires and components and all the fun gizmos and doodads. We'll also have plenty of helpful people to guide you. If you're a bit more experienced that's great too, as you'll get to play with some new kit or hack on a project with like-minded people.

All ages are welcome: it'd be awesome to have some younger hackers—say, aged 6+—bringing their smarts and enthusiasm.

You'll probably want to bring a laptop and its charger. You're also welcome to bring any other tools and components you have. We recommend marking them up somehow—using washi tape, stickers, etc.—so it's easy to check you're taking the right things home.

Here are the slides for the event.

Language Hackday

14th Sep

The Language Hackday is a day-long event primarily geared towards making machines do things with human language, either in text or audio form. It is for anyone interested in using computers to analyse, create, transform, or otherwise play with any of the 6,000 human languages (though the major world languages will be easier to find data on).

This event is for anyone who wants to play around with language and programming. An understanding of JavaScript or Python will help you make the most of the day, but there will be many knowledgeable people to help you out if you get stuck, so don't worry about pressure to perform. Whatever your experience, you'll have the opportunity to think about language processing in new ways and work with new people.

All ages are welcome: it'd be awesome to have some younger hackers—say, aged 6+—bringing their smarts and enthusiasm.

Some things that you might find people working on include figuring out if a twitter bot is happy or sad, creating rap poetry as a mashup of Shakespeare and Eminem, or even creating web-based materials to help others learn languages.

All you need is your lovely self and a laptop (with its charger).

Here are the slides for the event.

Indie Web Camp

28th Sep

Indie Web Camp is a one-day gathering of web creators building & sharing their own websites to advance the independent web and empower ourselves and others to take control of our identities and data.

It is open to all skill levels, from people who want to get started with a web site, through to experienced developers wanting to tackle a specific personal project.

Indie Web Camp is for independent web creators of all kinds, and all levels, from graphic artists, to designers, UX engineers, coders; to share ideas, actively work on creating for their own personal websites, and build upon each others creations.


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Code of Conduct

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tl;dr: Be excellent with each other

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